Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember when you couldn't wait to grow up and become something???

Ok, I will admit it! Working sucks! Monday, Tuesday, then dreading the rest of the week until Friday at 3:30!!! Enjoying 2 days and then WHAT? I have to do it all over again for the next 40 years of my life??? Shoot me now! Where do they teach you about this Horrid lie called life??? I feel cheated! I feel wronged! I feel like my attorney should be writing an email to my parents, grandparents, and Mrs. Johnson form East Midvale Elementary. Hmmm... I should get an attorney! 

Remember the good 'ol days??? Yes, I know I sounded old just then, but seriously! I miss being a kid! Not having a care in the world! And not having schedules! Please, pretty please can I go back in time???

Remember when you could turn on the TV and the common things you would see were witty sitcoms that would make you laugh and then play that instrumental music along with a sappy "lesson for the day" to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? And now we laugh at the idiots trying to find true love over and over again on reality TV and instead of warm and fuzzy we feel a bit nauseous and alarmed at the scene just played out on CSI or Dexter. 

Remember when cartoons were full of fun and adventure and we would love to sing along to
"My little Pony, or shout out Care Bear Stare!!!" And now we cry because we have to hear another poop joke from Sponge Bob that we will hear kids repeat all day long??? 

Remember when you could turn on the radio and instantly rock out while connecting with a song because the lyrics were "Don't Stop Believing!" And now we have to listen to a girl that has $ dollar sign in her name and songs that never stop talking about sex, drugs, and money! 

Remember when you would ride your bike to your friends house ask them to play and then you would ride past the boys houses whom you had a crush on over and over again until it got dark. Now we have to schedule time to hang out with friends, and if we have a crush we Facebook them, Tweet them, or use our phones that our now smarter than we ever will be to communicate because heaven forbid we use our voices. 

Remember when your Dad brought home the paycheck, your mom made the meals, and you only had to worry about cleaning your room and completing the task on the daily chore chart before you could do whatever you wanted for the evening??? And if you didn't do these things, the bills still got paid and there was still food on the table....


Let's go back to when Charles was in Charge! Back to watching Punky Brewster, back to the time I had a dream to be on Starsearch to see Ed Mcmahn, not Seacrest, back to where Jem was cooler than Barbie, back when I could relate to Kelly and dreamed of marrying Zach! 

All in favor of giving the adult life the finger and becoming a kid again say..... Ice Ice Baby!!!!