Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember when you couldn't wait to grow up and become something???

Ok, I will admit it! Working sucks! Monday, Tuesday, then dreading the rest of the week until Friday at 3:30!!! Enjoying 2 days and then WHAT? I have to do it all over again for the next 40 years of my life??? Shoot me now! Where do they teach you about this Horrid lie called life??? I feel cheated! I feel wronged! I feel like my attorney should be writing an email to my parents, grandparents, and Mrs. Johnson form East Midvale Elementary. Hmmm... I should get an attorney! 

Remember the good 'ol days??? Yes, I know I sounded old just then, but seriously! I miss being a kid! Not having a care in the world! And not having schedules! Please, pretty please can I go back in time???

Remember when you could turn on the TV and the common things you would see were witty sitcoms that would make you laugh and then play that instrumental music along with a sappy "lesson for the day" to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? And now we laugh at the idiots trying to find true love over and over again on reality TV and instead of warm and fuzzy we feel a bit nauseous and alarmed at the scene just played out on CSI or Dexter. 

Remember when cartoons were full of fun and adventure and we would love to sing along to
"My little Pony, or shout out Care Bear Stare!!!" And now we cry because we have to hear another poop joke from Sponge Bob that we will hear kids repeat all day long??? 

Remember when you could turn on the radio and instantly rock out while connecting with a song because the lyrics were "Don't Stop Believing!" And now we have to listen to a girl that has $ dollar sign in her name and songs that never stop talking about sex, drugs, and money! 

Remember when you would ride your bike to your friends house ask them to play and then you would ride past the boys houses whom you had a crush on over and over again until it got dark. Now we have to schedule time to hang out with friends, and if we have a crush we Facebook them, Tweet them, or use our phones that our now smarter than we ever will be to communicate because heaven forbid we use our voices. 

Remember when your Dad brought home the paycheck, your mom made the meals, and you only had to worry about cleaning your room and completing the task on the daily chore chart before you could do whatever you wanted for the evening??? And if you didn't do these things, the bills still got paid and there was still food on the table....


Let's go back to when Charles was in Charge! Back to watching Punky Brewster, back to the time I had a dream to be on Starsearch to see Ed Mcmahn, not Seacrest, back to where Jem was cooler than Barbie, back when I could relate to Kelly and dreamed of marrying Zach! 

All in favor of giving the adult life the finger and becoming a kid again say..... Ice Ice Baby!!!! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others... whenever they go.

So, you know when you just have one of those days? Where no matter how hard you try you can't shake this annoying negative attitude away? Where you feel like you actually woke up refreshed, your hair went great, you were on time for work, but for some reason once you got there everything just seemed to go downhill? It's one of those days when everything from the way your coworker "stomps" past your desk, to way the cleaning lady ALWAYS insists on moving around every little piece of office supply on your desk, to the fact that the Accounting lady was way too annoyingly nice on the phone, down to the REAL kicker... the thing that just makes you go over the edge  and snap at that sweet girl who just needed to makes copies! The thing that just makes you like the characters in the movies that say, "it couldn't possibly get any worse" And then it starts raining! Ya, that kind of REAL kicker....... your boyfriend forgot you were going out and he is wearing... that!
Well, to a woman this all comes down to The Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day!!!

Well, I am one that can say I have had many of these days. Today, in fact, was one of them. I was very bugged by pretty much everything that happened! Nothing terrible happened, nothing even went wrong, really. Sure, I was expected to do 10 different things all at once all with a priority level of High at work, but that's normal, nothing to freak out about. Yes, I got zones late making me stay an extra half hour at work when I REALLY wanted to go to the Gateway to buy some new board shorts for my Lake Powell Trip, and yes, my Boyfriend was being WAY too sweet, offering to drive home so I could rest, cooking me dinner once we got there, and telling me he wanted to watch the movie The Bounty Hunter instead of picking Resident Evil.
So, you can see why I was so annoyed.... No? Ya me neither. But, I was. So, on days like this us ladies feel like doing one thing and one thing only.... Crying. (again, don't deny it) So, as my frustrations put me over the edge when I was showering and realized I had no more body wash I leaned against the wall and cried! Well, I tried to cry.... nothing. As I leaned against the wall thinking of my Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day all I could think of was the funny joke a coworker told me today. The way my boyfriend had danced with me to the Macarena a couple nights before. The fact that my back yard looks amazing with grass and flowers that I was able to plant with Taylor while enjoying the sunshine. The many chances I had to talk and laugh for hours with my girlfriends at my house, and lunch, and at dinner this past week. And all the good times I had with mine and Taylor's family.

**Sappy Alert** (Meghann, feel free to scroll to the next paragraph)
I realized tonight in the shower, as I started to chuckle to myself, that I really have nothing to cry about. That I am truly blessed and incredibly grateful for the life I have at this current moment. My life is not perfect, but it is incredibly close. I have an incredible family that not only support me and my life, but has a love and an interest in it.I have INCREDIBLE friends! Seriously! They rock! I KNOW I wouldn't have gotten through this past year without them! I have not a house, but a home. I have a great job that I enjoy and am good at! I have a man in my life that when I act like the Princess I am, he treats me like a Queen. Taylor has become my rock. He ensures I am happy and taken care of everyday! He has been there for me through a lot of ups and downs. He has such a strong spirit in him and helps me grow each day. I am grateful for my life and the happiness in it. I have the love of my Heavenly Father and I have an amazing man that helps me Keep the Faith everyday.

This is me and Taylor. 
My boyfriend whom I am so grateful for. 
We have created an amazing relationship and journey throughout this year.
His spirit, courage, determination, and Faith amaze me and encourage me everyday. 
He makes me smile whenever I see him.
He makes me get chills whenever he holds me.
He makes me feel like Royalty! 
Most important - he makes me Happy! 

Taylor has helped me realize a lot of things in life. I am far from over it, but he has helped me become a positive person rather than always negative. I think this quote pretty much sums up the way we should live. Always knowing that whatever comes our way we can get through it. 

"Sadness, disappointment, and severe challenges are events in life, not life itself" 
-Elder Richard G Scott

So, the next time I find myself having a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day I hope I can remember that I make my own happiness, I decide how my days will go and I will try to remember all that I have and the happiness I find each day. Hopefully you can do the same! And if not... There are ALWAYS Oreos...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A firemen, a school teacher, and a nurse walk into a bar...

What do you wanna be when you grow up?
This question has been asked to every person most likely more than once in their life. And most of you reading this (I know, not all of you) who are now "grown up" probably are not doing what you "wanted" to do when you answered said question. Don't worry, neither am I...

When you are little you answer this question VERY eagerly.
A firemen! A School Teacher! A Nurse! A Ghostbuster!!! (Yes, I know I just aged myself)
And when asked why your answers were most likely...
Because I wanna save people!!!   Because I want to teach our future president!  Because I want to help people everyday!    Because they have awesome guns!

All acceptable answers for a 7 year old...

One might wonder why we ask children at such a young age what they want to be. I mean, they haven't seen much of the "real world" how could they possibly know what they want to be? Well, I think we know why. You see the older we get the more we learn, right? Which means, the older we get, the more we see. The more we get how life works, the more we wish we could go back to that seat in Ms. Barlow's (Mrs. Phillip for those of you who had her after she was married) first grade class in East Midvale Elementary School and change our answers!
A Entrepreneur! A Lottery Winner! An Anesthesiologist!!!  RIGHT???

Or you could keep your answer, but of course you would have to change the reason why...
A firemen! Because I love getting woken up from a dead sleep by a loud bell, forced to slide down a pole, get dressed in 24 seconds, and smell like an ashtray everyday!
A Schoolteacher! Because cleaning spit wads out of my hair is super fun, getting paid less than the McDonald's Manager rocks, and it is my dream to hear children whine and complain all day long!
A Nurse! Because I love doing all the work only for the "real hero" to come in for 30 seconds and take all the credit, answering to a buzzer for somebody lying in bed would be like music to my ears, and let's not forget the blood and guts I get to have all over my outfit for the entire shift!

Needless to say... This is why we don't ask teenagers or young adults what they want to be and why...

There is however, one answer that still seems to top the list. One that for some people becomes their dream come true. Same answer, same reason why.
A Mother! Because I get to name my child, play with my child, love my child, nurture my child, comfort my child, clean up after my child, taxi my child, pay for my child, go in debt for my child, pull my hair out for my child, and then give her away for some other sucker to start the list all over again.... Oops, I started thinking out loud...
As a young girl, this was my answer to the question. Well, that and a Wedding Planner... However, to this day I cannot remember a reason why. Like many of you girls out there I played with dolls. I fed them, changed their diapers, combed their hair, put them to bed, and some of them would even cry. So, I ask... WHY ON EARTH WOULD THIS MAKE ME WANT TO BE A MOTHER???
But if you know my Mother, you know ALL the reasons. She made it look fun! She made it look effortless! She made it look like she had years of training! She made it look like she had a PHD in Motherhood! She made sure her children were up on time and looking perfect before they walked out the door everyday and she drove them to school. She picked them up from school on the days she wasn't already there because of PTA, fundraisers, carnivals, meetings, etc. A full meal on the table for her family every night! Laundry always done! House always perfectly clean! (I'm not kidding, I dare you to find a dust bunny) 2 girls meant dance class twice a week, soccer practice 6 times a week, 2 soccer games EVERY Saturday unless it was a tournament, which meant 2 Friday, 2 Saturday, and 2 Sunday. Fitting in there time for school work, time for church activities, and then throwing in a third child just to make it a little more interesting. Yep, he played soccer too! Not to mention my mom still had time to get herself gorgeous and perfect everyday, work in a salon where she made others perfect. Had time for her spouse, had time for her friends, and even had a little time for herself to shop, play Bunco, read, or you guessed it... play soccer on Saturday nights!
I am living proof that My mom is Super Mom! If she can handle me, she can handle anything!!! She does it all and has been for... many years... since she is only 29 I couldn't do the math fast enough to make it sound like she didn't have Jamie when she was 6 years old....

My mom is amazing. Best Mother, Cosmetologist, Cook, and Nana EVER No battle! My mom is the reason I have ALWAYS wanted to be a Mother. My mom is the reason why when I grow up (laughable I know) I WILL be a Mother and I can only dream to be as wonderful a Mother as she!

Thank you for Everything Mom! I Love You!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Word Vomit

Most people that know me could tell you I am not one that knows when to shut my mouth. AKA Word vomit! In my opinion this isn't always a bad thing, but some would say otherwise.

I have had more changes in the past year than I probably have had the entire 26 years of my life. Some bad, some good, some hard, some easy, some stupid, some smart. Whatever they were though you can bet some word vomit was included! Whether it was telling somebody my VERY strong opinion about what they were doing, or whether it was telling a complete stranger that I liked their purse or shoes, or telling a stranger to price match those eggs. I don't like to keep my opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc to myself. Hence the blog: Out of the Mouth of Brittany. (That I desperately wanted to title Word Vomit, until I had the image of my mother shaking her head and saying for the 382nd time "I don't know where you came from" So, Mother... you're Welcome)

I have had several people tell me the best way to express yourself is to write down your thoughts. "Keep a journal" some would say. Which I have tried for years. Which means I have about 6 journals that are halfway completed. My poor children. Others told me to keep a notepad with me at all times and when I had strong emotions I should write them down. Well, since I am not a poet, song writer, or somebody with deep thoughts like John Handy, I decided this would probably turn out worse than my journals and would most likely get lost in the deep dark hole that is my purse. So, the third and final suggestion was a blog. Which as you can see, was a good suggestion. However, the people that suggested it may regret that decision after hearing some of my word vomit, for that, I apologize in advance.

A year ago I made the hardest decision of my life. I chose to start a brand new life at the age of 25. I went from knowing exactly what I wanted, who I was, and where I was going, to the exact opposite. I walked out of one life where I knew everything and into another where I knew nothing. Scary yes, but exciting! I have always loved dangerous adventures! My 3 broken bones, and 8 broken fingers would agree.
     So, I have learned a lot about myself in this past year. I have learned how important friendship is to me and I have been given 3 amazing ladies to help me through anything that I am pleased to call my 3 best friends! I have discovered what life means to me. I have realized how truly important the Gospel is in my life, how amazing the power of prayer can be, and how God's will is the only will. I have learned a lot, but I am still learning very much. I have a lot of things that still need some figuring out. So, while I figure stuff out, I will bring you along for the ride! Don't worry, every blog post will NOT be something mushy, insightful, poetic, or even contain one deep thought. But I can promise you every post will contain some sort of word vomit out of the mouth of Brittany. Hope you enjoy!